WXZ isn’t a large, faceless corporation. We’re a boutique group with an expansive project portfolio and a range of in-house capabilities. As a division of WXZ Development, we have a buyer’s mindset. As a general contractor, we’re a proactive partner. From start to finish, our construction team is laser focused on addressing challenges head on to meet project goals.

  • Building Construction

  • Conceptual Estimating

  • Budget Development

  • Onsite Supervision

  • Due Diligence Investigation & Design Coordination

  • Project Management


WXZ Construction collaborated with the design team and property owners to renovate a Carpet & Tile store into two high-end concept showrooms that are well-suited to spotlight their premium automobiles.



Pre-owned Mercedes Benz Dealership

Two years later, WXZ Construction was called to the Saab property a second time to redefine the space as a prototypical pre-owned Mercedes Dealership with its own set of distinctive design criteria.


Medical Offices

WXZ Construction has experience developing state-of-the-art medical offices and facilities. We work closely with our clients to understand and address their professional and patient needs, so we can create the most technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing medical facilities.


For Saab’s exclusive image facility, WXZ Construction chose a simple, contemporary design using an aluminum-framed opaque frosted glass cladding, reminiscent of large blocks of ice. At the time of completion, it was the largest freestanding Saab Dealership in the world.